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From commercial excellence to innovative technologies, EU Startup Resources offers actionable insights to grow and promote your business while delivering quality customer experiences.

Our executive team offers insight, experience, and a hands-on approach to cultivate early-stage concepts, products, and services into commercially successful business opportunities.

To compete in today’s markets effectively, growing businesses need access to the same breadth and depth of business services that have traditionally been accessible only to larger business organizations. We allow growing companies to complete critical business functions.

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Startup and Small Business Recovery Resources
Startup and Small Business Recovery Resources
January 2, 2021
Our goal is to identify resources to rebuild - be it links to emergency loans, grants, or other support for entrepreneurs dealing with the consequences of the coronavirus crisis.   ...
Metrics to Grow Your Business
Metrics to Grow Your Business
November 20, 2020
Once you go to the market, it becomes a numbers game.  If I can deliver $3 of value for every $1 spent, I will be successful. These are a few metrics to consider Customer Acquisi...
Molecular Growth: Breakthrough Growth Models for Innovation
Molecular Growth: Breakthrough Growth Models for Innovation
October 19, 2020
Jerome Chifflet  @jechifflet How can an entrepreneur — whose growth is synonymous with survival — not develop schizophrenia? What can an entrepreneur do to bridge the chasm when hi...


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